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This may be because it is a smaller city but, I prefer to think that it is just run efficiently.

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Uber is ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive, as an aside 2 of my Uber drivers spoke excellent English. The city is filled with many great "hipster" restaurants.

My favorite was a burger place called "Pig's Pearls". The guys are gorgeous, almost Colombian level. GDL has a higher concentration of lighter skinned guys, though I prefer my bottoms with a little more melanin I was very pleased with what was available.

The guys are plentiful and most go for the usual rate of about - MXN if you are willing to bargain. I was in GDL for 9 days and had 8 guys in total. It is highly recommended for a laid back vacation with sightseeing and some great sex thrown in.

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My companion for the evening and I enjoyed the show tremendously! Saturday night my friend and i invited two guys over off of grindr and they got to the house about 7: We had drinks around the pool laughed and taked and had a great social night and finally wandered into ge bedrooms around 1: Pesos too! Sunday they both called back to want to know when we could meet up again.

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Both were 21 yrs old. However, some will hold firm and it is up to you to decide if it's worth the extra pesos.

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Still, remember that this is Mexico not Colombia or Brazil. I should have tried the Renacer Day Spa just so that I could give a report here about the quality of guys, prices and procedures.

Hopefully, someone can rectify my mistake. Unfortunately, the action there takes place at night and, as is usually the case with this kind of activity, is considered seedy and dangerous. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the connection. I said "no thanks, too expensive". The guys I usually go with are not models and pesos appears to be the local price for casual guys. However, I've never been asked for pesos, the most I've been quoted was in Mexico City for a really hot model on Grindr.

It probably helps that I speak a little Spanish but, I've never been quoted the prices you have been outside the US. Have you considered using Manhunt and just chatting with hot guys using a translator? Information from guys like you have facilitated many a trip. Hi, I'm considering a trip to Mexico and noticed that most guys on here seem to be interested in young bottoms. I'm actually into older tops. It looks like my types are expensive in Guadalajara.

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See the attached screen shots. They all declined my counter offers of equivalent USD 70, which is a guarantee acceptable outcall price in Brazil. I guess I won't be spending much money in Mexico. Businesses literally had to send one of these fun events are held 8. Customer care team by using the contact details provided in your confirmation letter you will be either.

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