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From within your own community and from society at large in different places of the world. There's no space for people of colour, whether they are black, brown or any other shade in between. I wish my friend who is Asian, had something like this available to him back in the day because he got married to a woman and maybe he wouldn't have done that if he knew there was culture on the other side'.

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Ryan says the purpose of these nights is to provide a voice to the people who need it, and while it focuses on South Asians, Hungama is open to everyone. A room full of people who appreciate them and their culture.

Imaan Statement on Orlando Attack

The nights, which have previously been held at some of east London's most notable gay clubs like The Glory, Metropolis and Visions are attended by a number of people of different races and sexualities. David Lidington says the Tories and Labour have a "fair bit in common" and are "testing" ideas. UK selected England N. Top Stories Cross-party Brexit talks at 'delicate' stage David Lidington says the Tories and Labour have a "fair bit in common" and are "testing" ideas.

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Elsewhere on the BBC. Enter the Forest Imagine a world without rainforests. I am not white… God, why did you do this to me? Saying it seems so much easier than living with it. For some noticeably gay men who live in a predominantly black or Asian area, they are often labelled and humiliated.

Worse still, the family concerned is made to feel the effects of the shame from the community. The church, mosque or temple sometimes gets involved and the only way out for the black or Asian gay man is to completely exit a family, society and culture with considerable traumatic results.

We struggle to find people who understand us. Many Asian or black men tell stories of the first black or Asian man they met and befriended knowing they had found someone like themselves.

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  6. A gay white man can possibly just leave home and set up on his own. But when we leave home or run away, the family often comes to find us. The families frequently try everything to rid us of the abhorrent illness of homosexuality including using various superstitious methods: Thus many Asian and black gay men find it incredibly difficult to come to terms with their own sexuality in a hostile culture of their own where they would have otherwise received acceptance if they were straight.

    The Two-Way (Being Asian and Gay in the UK)

    They feel isolated and lost and lonely. These people turn to their own for support and form large peer groups of the same community. These families are often supportive in the early traumatic years but as with all peer groups they are riddled with other like-minded individuals dealing with similar issues of shame and acceptance. Many participants in these groups eventually leave these groups after suffering many other issues such as depression or sexually transmitted diseases or arguments where banishment or shame play a significant role.

    These groups are just a group of people not trained therapists for support. What many Asian or gay black men are left with is a void. Growing up as black or Asian gay men, we come across racism as well as homophobia in our daily lives and this contributes to the difficulties in our struggle and self-acceptance.

    Gay Asian Men groups in London

    Although the racism that was prevalent in some parts of society has largely and significantly diminished, nevertheless it is still there. It encompasses everything about us that is different. Yes we are gay, yes we are black or Asian too. Yes, we have the same problems and issues as other gay men yet our issues are subtly and uniquely different due to our cultural norms. The Quest support group allows us to deal with issues in a caring, loving and understanding environment where other like-minded individuals nurture cherish and support us.

    It is very much a needed space. Thanks Quest for putting this out there.

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