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Gay men still cruise the parks and malls, taking risks to meet strangers. About 50 people gathered at Lush bar Monday night to hear the case for reexamining Minneapolis' ban on bathhouses, the predominant hookup scene for gay men prior to the s AIDS epidemic. Audience members made it clear that congregate sex is thriving in Minneapolis and St. Paul as innovative medications like PrEP, a once-a-day pill that virtually eliminates the risk of transmitting HIV, are freeing people to live full sexual lives without fear of contagion. Now they're hoping for a centralized, sanitary, controlled place for everyone to go, where shame-free testing is offered on a regular basis.

The problem is, Minneapolis is holding fast to year-old scientific understanding of HIV. The owner had to move the weekly parties to a smaller, private residence. The case resulted in the Minnesota Supreme Court ruling that Minnesota law limited marriage to opposite-sex couples and doing so did not violate the State Constitution or the United States Constitution.

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Although Baker subsequently appealed to the U. Supreme Court , his appeal was dismissed with a one sentence ruling.

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On November 6, , Minnesota voters by a margin of On February 28, , a bill was introduced in the Minnesota Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage in the state. In , then Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich created a state commission to study the prospect of adding sexual orientation to the State's Human Rights Act. The commission proposal was not passed by the Legislature, but the subsequent Governor, Arne Carlson formed a similar committee in In , Governor Arne Carlson signed an executive order that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in state employment.

The Human Rights Act uses the following definition with regards to the phrase, "sexual orientation"; "Sexual orientation" means having or being perceived as having an emotional, physical, or sexual attachment to another person without regard to the sex of that person or having or being perceived as having an orientation for such attachment, or having or being perceived as having a self-image or identity not traditionally associated with one's biological maleness or femaleness.

In , Minnesota laws were expanded to protect people from hate crimes on the basis of a person's sexual orientation.

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In , sexual orientation was expanded to include the category of gender identity. Minnesota law allows single LGBT people to petition to adopt children, whilst there is no specific prohibition against joint same-sex couple adoption petitions or stepchild petitions for same-sex couples. On December 17, , in a landmark ruling, the Minnesota Court of Appeals , overturning a lower court ruling in In re Guardianship of Kowalski , awarded guardianship of Sharon Kowalski, brain-damaged in an accident eight years earlier, to her lesbian partner Karen Thompson over the objections of Kowalski's parents.

The addition of sexual orientation to Minnesota's Human Rights Act also included following anti-gay propaganda quote within Minnesota law, part of which is still in force as of Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to: No bill has been introduced to repeal this law as of yet.

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Changing legal gender on Minnesota birth certificates and other identity documents does not require undergoing sex reassignment surgery. The applicant for a gender change needs to obtain a certified copy of a court order for gender and name change, and pay the applicable fees. Since October , Minnesota has allowed an "X" sex descriptor on driver's licences and identity documents.

Same-sex marriage in Minnesota

The Twin Cities metro area has a vibrant LGBT community, seen with annual pride events, community centers, nightclubs and other venues. Outside of the Twin Cities, annual pride events are held in large cities such as Duluth , Moorhead , St. Cloud and Rochester. In smaller more rural communities, the LGBT community is less visible, and prevailing social attitudes tend to more conservative. But, Pine City is largely a bedroom community for people that work in the nearby Twin Cities area. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. LGBT rights in Minnesota. Minnesota USA. Main article: Same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

Minneapolis since [6] Duluth since [7] St. Paul since [8] Edina since [9] Maplewood since [10] Golden Valley since [11] Rochester since [12] St. Louis Park since [13] Richfield since [14] Red Wing since [15] Robbinsdale since [16] Hokpins since [17] Falcon Heights since [16] Shorewood since [18] Shoreview since [19] Crystal since [20] Eagan since [21] Eden Prairie since [22]. Baker v. Minnesota Amendment 1 LGBT portal Minnesota portal.

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