Gay hookup on cruise ships

I turned on the charm and said some funny things to make him laugh, and he finally did, exposing several missing and rotten teeth. I let it go, as he was being very kind serving me full strength drinks, and not the watered down stuff.

By midnight, I was really drunk and struggled to get off the barstool to stagger back to my cabin. I remember the bar being empty; the only thing I could hear was the sound of the ships engines. Mladen offered to take me back to my cabin. I gratefully took his arm as he helped me from my barstool and we walked back to my cabin. I thanked him for walking me back as I placed my key card in the door if my cabin.

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Looking back, I guess there was a certain tension in his voice, but I ignored it. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on the side of my face; he had hit me!

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I fell to the ground, my toupee gone askew over my eyes, and before I could do anything, he had pounced upon me, pinning my arms back, forcing his tongue down my throat. My dream cruise was turning into a nightmare! I felt his forearm up against my throat as I lost my breath. My partial plate fell out of my mouth, and he began to laugh.

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His other hand began to tear at my Old Navy sweat suit, exposing my body to his lusty assault. I wanted to scream, but was too frightened at the prospect of someone seeing me in such a compromising position.

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Just as I was about to pass out, without warning, he turned me over. I work out and am in shape, but I was drunk and too weak to fight his violent onslaught of my person. I turned around to watch him remove his shirt, and tried to use it as an opportunity to escape, but he slapped me, and then he stuffed the shirt in my mouth; I can still taste the acrid sweat and deodorant. I felt my sweat pants pulled down around my ankles, and cringed as he ripped my truss from around my waist, and listened to the sickening sound of him spitting in his hand.

It went on and on, for at least ten minutes.

Cruising aboard cruise ships

As he climaxed, I tried to think of England, although I'm an American. He lay on top of me for a few minutes. Then he got up. I turned to look at him, my bartender and now, my rapist. He had a smug, satisfied look on his face, even in the dim light I could see it. He yanked my toupee off and used to to wipe the santorum off of his cock.

He laughed, put his shirt on, then was gone. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm in line now, about to board! This is one reason why I don't do cruises. One person gets sick, and you're on Voyage of the Damned. Well, if you do find someone to hook up with, don't pull a John Hart and Dennis Mayer - the attention whore assholes from Palm Springs.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Cruising aboard cruise ships I'm about to embark on my first ever cruise it's not a gay cruise. Any tips on meeting people on these things? I'm just guessing here but I'd say your best bet for a hook-up is with a crewmember. Sauna or steam room in the gym.

How To Gay Cruise!

No single occupancy, thank Allah! If not for me then any potential bunk mate as I tend to snore. Be careful OP or you will be one of the mysteriously missing travelers. Captain Stubing is waiting for you op. Breeder cruises suck. Aren't the passengers usually very old?

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Everyone loves vacation hook ups so go for it, be brazen. You may find a sugar daddy on board if you are lucky like Jerry Hall. And with adam4adam you don't even need to use an app.

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Welcome aboard! Forget about wi-fi--it's ridiculously expensive. No decent guy would be caught dead in a cruise ship. Not a cruise ship as such, but I met Jack. And how'd that work out for you, Rose? As long as the captain is dashing. Get on the Love Boat! Your best bet. Has anyone been on a gay cruise? And was there plenty of sex? Read and heed, OP. Oh thank you for the reminder , R32! That one had me howling with laughter! Always love to revisit that thread, R That is the single funniest post in the history of DL. When you are hooking up, stay away from the balcony and the railings.

R32, that was hilarious! I'm reposting it here: I'll never sail with Holland-America again. He never calls, he never writes Hahahahaha I love that! Twisted and brilliant! LMAO R38!! Just having lunch while waiting for my cabin. The decor is reminiscent of a Chinese buffet restaurant. Shove it! Did OP get thrown overboard? Wow, glad to see that you all think rape is a joke. OP good luck. There was a time when there was some truth to that myth — but not anymore. Those traveling solo can connect with others at communal meals and guided shore excursions along with singles meet and greets on board.

LGBT guests have their own meet and greets, frequently travel in organized small groups, and organize mixers on board. For those more active cruisers who thrive on adventure, cruise ships are a great way to stay active all the time. Even interior staterooms are a good option on certain ships because select staterooms have a virtual balcony. You'll also find onboard computer centers where you can sit at a computer desk with the backdrop of gorgeous ocean views. Not only can you cruise alone, it can actually be a ton of fun. From meet and greets and singles mixers they even have some that are LGBT specific , you can make great friends from the moment you step foot on the ship.

You have to be back on the ship when you have to be back on the ship. Ready to cruise? Latest Blogs Fact Check: Hey, hey! Explore videos, photos, travel tips, maps and top gay destinations.