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These 3 Gay Men Are in a Successful, Loving Triad Relationship — Here's How It Works

Additionally its also important that you are not being used by the couple, Ive coached and dealt with a number of triad relationships where the existing relationship was in crisis and bringing in another person is purely a diversion to avoid addressing other underlying issues. One of the couple may just be saying yes to please the other one, so its important you get to know the other guy before heading in.

So start dating the other partner on a one on one basis is vital, and see if that dynamic works, after a few months of doing this you will have a much larger picture on how level the relationship playing field will be. Need advice?

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Got a question? Email the Gay Agony Uncle. About a normal articles or even triad is a couple's assumed or self-deprecation? You love more exchanged.

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One, not two, and certainly not more than two. Do expect your relationship with your current boyfriend to change.

For this reason, most of us get jealous and threatened when our partner notices someone else, or seems to be interested in someone else. There is no competition.

These 3 Gay Men Are in a Successful, Loving Triad Relationship — Here's How It Works

There is no limited pie of love. There is enough love and enough sex for everyone to have their fill, so long as we let go of this sense of possessiveness and allow the people we love to be shared with others who may love and enjoy them too. Because you can hunt the world and never find another person exactly like you. You are a unique individual with unique things that make you laugh and your own unique sexual experience. Why restrict yourself to just one experience? That said, once you and your current partner start dating someone else, your relationship now has a third experience to contend with, one that becomes part of your collective experience.

As with all the experiences you share together, this one may change you. That may seem scary, but it may also reveal beautiful truths about your partner, character traits you never saw before, and make you love him even more.

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It may be the next level of your relationship, something that strengthens and fortifies your bond. The relationship with your current boyfriend will not be the same relationship you have with your third. You and your boyfriend have a history.

You will be closer in many respects than you will be with this new guy, at least in the beginning. People grow and develop and date and different speeds.

Triad Relationships

Keep it casual. Many gay couples have a casual sexual playmate they take home. That playmate becomes a fuck friend, then a really good fuck friend, then a come-over-and-cuddle-with-us fuck friend. Before you do this, feel certain that you can tell your partner anything without repercussion. You will still have fights and disagreements. Good communication skills simply mean you are able to work through them without attacking, demeaning, or ignoring each other.