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You look 10 years younger! And even if you luck out, it may be short lived. A disproportionate number of my old, lonely gay friends are Asians and the one thing they share in common is a strong preference to date exclusively white guys. If gay Asians want to do themselves a favor, they might consider being more open-minded to dating any other race besides white men, perhaps even giving other Asians a chance.

Well I know this article is not objective in many aspects, but as an asian gay man who prefer white men for some physical reasons…I admit I feel l am so shallow after reading this article. I have advanced degree in engineering field, but I obviously am a ignorant dumb in the gay dating world. Despite some insecure feelings emerge, what I can do is continue to make myself better and wait for the right one. Well first of all I think your comments are kind of biased and racist if I may. I am white, duh, lol and I have dated every color and size of man.

People are people and if you are superficial as many people of every color and sex are you will attract those. I found the love of my life and he happens to be Asian.

Here's What It's Like to Be a Gay Asian Guy Looking for a Partner on Grindr

It did not matter to me if he was the color purple. I think if more gay Asian men like many of my black gay friends were to shed the idea of being different and ignore the stupid white guys out there you would be better off. Dumb is color blind. After all, as much as online dating services is concerned, the Internet remains to be a virtual world, plus some individuals are not shy about lying to other people.

Men can join an online dating sites site with a few few corresponding fees and infrequently for free. I love Chinese men. I also love Japanese men.

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But my favourite type is Cantonese — adorable south China males. The first time I went to a beach in HK I nearly had a heart attack. Those golden boys in Speedos! But I can never decide which national character I prefer: Chinese or Japanese. So I am not sure if I can ever find my perfect partner. Nonetheless, the posts are too short for novices. May you please extend them a little from next time?

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Asian men are very attractive. Honestly I would be with Asian over my own any day. Your being open to meeting Asians is very refreshing. And your patience rewarded. Hang in there. Good things will happen to you! Best of luck and sincere good wishes on your search for that special someone. I am Asian who still believes in love. I know this is an old post but I surprised no one responded. This article is flat out insulting. We are still giddy in love with each other. I also know many other happy couples that are mixed. This author generalizes too much and with one broad stroke labels all white men that have an attraction to Asian men as pervs with some ulterior motives of finding a servile sex slave.

Of course we are not going to fall in love with everyone — but it is so shallow to reject people simply based on appearance. He is not wanting to shame you into liking people — he is asking you to think about why you discriminate against whole groups of people. Attraction is highly individual and complex. Some white guys do say that, you know. Are they still both looking around on Grindr? Perhaps they might consider finding a more productive hobby. If I were I would also include blonds and redheads, and anyone who shaves their legs in my list of exclusions.

And ageist! And fat-shaming! We need to stop getting our little gay feelings hurt. If you are not attracted to a physical type you should save everyone a lot of time and hurt feelings by saying so up front. There are plenty of men that are attracted to Asian men, so stop your bellyaching.

Gay men are such whiners. I just love how articles like this bring out the worst kinds of people to the comments section. Racists, trolls, and those who feel the need to go straight into insulting appearance or cultures. Excellent and to the point comment. I just feel sad that gay people should be the ones so willlng to indulge in this type of racism. And worse — try to defend it. As I get older I do find men who are a reflection of me more appealing. This is were I am at this time in my life.

That does not mean I dont find men of ALL races attractive. Of course my preferences in men have changed over the years. You entirely miss the point he was making.

And no I am not Asian or Black. Gay men are mentally damaged creatures. Our hang ups surrounding race highlights part of the dysfunction. Humanity is a cancer to itself as long as Race and Religion continues to divide us. Better make sure you take an Asian, overweight man, and a guy over 40 with you. Well I think people who put that in their profiles do me a favour. It exposes what trashy thoughts they have and how they are best avoided. It indicates a general narrow-mindedness, to say the least.

Kathy Green. First — I am not bi sexual — I am totally gay. Fortunately, these days we are much further ahead in terms of how we treat other groups of people than it appears you are in the USA. I was shocked when I read them. But I am not surprised — the election of an openly racist, sexist, homophobe by a minority of your people has somehow given permission for the other slugs to crawl out from under the stones. I am just sorry that some of those happen to be gay. Am I offended by that? Am I calling you an evil sexist for it? I accept that you are attracted to what you are attracted to.

I view it as an impolite but efficient straightforwardness.

Here's What It's Like to Be a Gay Asian Guy Looking for a Partner on Grindr

I am German. Thats fine. Kim was making. Too subtle maybe. Asian or being upset by some comment on a tacky sex site. I am White myself and no I do not feel attracted to every man I see. Like many other people I have been approached by men in clubs or bars — I always at least spent some time talking with them even if I was not physically attracted to them. And to my surprise on more than one occasion I ended up having a relationship with that person.

Because I saw past the shallowness and looked at the inside. I am shocked by the level of racism on this gay site and the fact that nothing is done about it. Nothing has really changed in the USA has it?

Yet Another Asian Hating Grindr Douche

You told us above the second comment in this thread that you LIVE with a racist housemate in London, but I bet you never say anything to him about it. Bars are different than Grindr and better, IMO! You could be missing out on the best relationship of your life.

I could rock your world. You are probably not afraid to try new food, or new music, or new movies, so why not give a different type of man a try? Causer you decided to be a shallow prick. That seems rather drastic. Well you have 2 options. Attraction is attraction — you should want to have SEX with someone! And therefore its hard to see past appearance! Also you assume guys want a washboard stomach, abs and biceps — but often its a balance, with your case it might mean sliming down to a flat stomach — and that will be enough for most guys!

Unfortunately attraction matters! Peter Kim is about the millionth gay observer to conflate the worst aspects of Grindr with the gay male community in general. This is essentially libelous to gays in general. Try a more serious, real dating site.

And even the sleaziest bar sounds more serious than Grindr does. Oh God not again. Can we just give this all a rest? The reality is in the gay community, white and light-skinned latino men tend to garner more attention than other men. Sorry, just my thoughts. Corrected this: Heywood Jablowme To correct you sir — I have many times attempted to address the racist views of my house mate, always to no avail. A racist is a racist and rarely changes.

You cannot argue logically with someone who holds irrational beliefs like racism. Much like it is difficult for many people on here to admit they are racist. And yes it is an American thing and always been — or at least for years. I personally have never even seen this Grindr and have no interest in closing it down. What does it take to make you people understand what is being said here? He, and others, are asking for a chance to be considered as potential partners and not just rejected for absurd racist or fattist or similar reasons.

But judging from the torrent of racism even on here I doubt that the message will ever get through. You people deserve the odious man in the White House. Stereotyping Americans as all being racist is sort of the pot calling the kettle black, no? Check yourself. I lived in London for years and casual racism is even more blatant there than in the States.

Also, Brexit was driven by a strong current of Xenophobia, racism and fears of mass immigration — so there is really no high horse for you and the British to ride around on as far as this topic is concerned. Please spare us all the lecture. Finally if you have ever been to Hong Kong or Tokyo, you will know many Asian men have no problem saying they are not interested in gwai lo or gaijin…. There are more important things to get worked up about than this. Many have pointed out your confusion and you keep ignoring it.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

You even bragged about open-minded YOU are at bars. Shallowness is not exactly the same thing as racism. I see interracial couples all the time in NYC and other big cities. And Grindr is not the gay world. I suggst you break your lease and move elsewhere. It would be better if your racist roomate got saddled wih that lease. The real question is, why are so many minority LGBT folks so damn hung up on being loved by white dudes? White supremacy!

What always me is why do people like this guy, who rightly decries racism, run right into the arms of white dude? Is he interested in other Asian American guys? Black men? But also, Queerty has presented this same guy before. Mix it up, Queerty, come on! That is why one finds relatively few Asian gays who are exclusively on the look out for black gays, i. To be real, Asians are secondhand citizens in American society despite what all of the demographic numbers will tell you.

Asian women have a significant advantage in the sense that they are considered to be sexually desired, fetishized even, by American society as a whole. You are many times more likely to see an Asian woman on television, modeling in fashion magazines, acting in movies, etc. The poor, dehumanized, desexualized, neutered Asian male, especially the gay Asian male, is generally depicted as the fey, unattractive, weak, asexual, socially awkward creep or a completely over-the-top compendium of mincing gay stereotypes.

Literally at the bottom of every metric of desirability in society at large. Accordingly, It really should come as no surprise at all that Asian gays aspire to get out of this ghetto of perception. The Asian dude railing against white dudes for not connecting with Asian dudes who, himself bows down at the altar of the Big White D.

Do as I say, not as I do, am I right? It is a fact that mostly if not all asian gay guys want, like, need white guy in their lives. It is the love for beauty. Do not judge people by what they like. You like what you like and who likes you likes you. Search for: